It's great to be back to group classes and to offer group and online classes as well as my On Demand library. Each and every  class offers greater awareness of how our individual bodies can move, building strength and mobility in the process. Most classes are suitable for all levels and we look to explore variations and therefore a more diverse range of movement.


Meet Annabel

My stiff body and cluttered mind first ‘gave Yoga a go’ in 2001 and I’ve been hooked ever since. The benefits are many, uplifting me both physically and mentally. Teacher training offered a sound understanding of this ancient practice, however as my own practice develops and my learning continues, my focus and style have gravitated towards accessible, functional movement.


We are designed to move and I aim to teach a better understanding of just how well our bodies can move when we allow them to. Offering people the chance to tune in and to move with purpose and awareness is key to my teaching.

My Classes

My classes are functional, relaxed and inclusive, and an ego-free experience. There is no need to be flexible: my yoga is not about touching your toes or making fancy shapes, but about learning to move your body safely, and improving your flexibility and strength class by class.  If you’re completely new to yoga, expect to explore how your body can move, and how to improve your mobility. For experienced yogis, expect to develop your practice, finding further strength and awareness in poses. Yoga offers a unique opportunity to energise your body and yet calm your mind; from the breath to the body, with awareness and enquiry.

What I Offer

For You

Yoga should not be daunting for newcomers, as I believe it is an exploration into our own natural range of motion.  Fundamentally, my classes are aimed to keep your body moving well and moving better. I encourage everyone to work at their own level, and classes are adapted to suit beginners and those with more experience on the mat.

For Sport

Athletes from the England squad to the NFL, Radcliffe to Williams have introduced Yoga to their training. Studies show and our bodies often tell us via injury, that repeated movement & sticking to just one main physical discipline does not guarantee better performance. Whatever your sport, Yoga can keep you moving stronger and safer.

For Business

Workplace Wellbeing can increase productivity and improve staff retention.  Offering yoga, whether an energising lunchtime session, or within part of a team building day or weekend can make a huge difference to your company.  Having run corporate and large event classes, we can find a session to suit.



“Annabel is such a fantastic yoga instructor with a warm and welcoming heart. She guides you through each pose or sequence explaining the different levels according to the capabilities of our own bodies (we are all different!) giving you confidence that anyone can do yoga. We also have good fun too!”

Victoria H

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