Group & Online Classes

Gentle Yoga

If you like a gentle class or are new to yoga, this is a great place to start. With a pace slow enough to encourage self-enquiry, we explore movement and postures with variations to suit our individual needs 

Strength & Flow

My Strength & Flow class combines strength-work with a Vinyasa-inspired flow to energise you both mentally and physically. Using elements of both modern movement science and traditional yoga this session is suitable for most levels

Morning Zest

Awaken and energise with this 45-minute weekday morning session which offers a unique fusion of dynamic yoga movement and yoga-inspired high intensity interval training. This is a faster-paced class to set you up for your day ahead.

Yoga for Sport

With a focus on strength and functional movement these sessions aim to explore mobility and flexibility, and to help prevent injury whatever your sport. These classes combine latest movement research with the mindful benefits of yoga

Aldbury Class

New Mill, Tring, Class