• Lee Stewart

Updated Online Class Timetable

I appreciate you may perhaps be establishing a new routine and some structure to your days. For my part I have tried to manage my online classes with home-schooling, studying and my carer position over the past few weeks and have realised I need to make a few changes to help this balance better. As a result I'm updating my Online Class timetable which includes a new weekday energising morning class, Morning Zest Yoga, and a slightly earlier time to all morning classes. I'm also adding a new evening Yoga for Sport session (starting May 18th). I hope these changes won't disrupt your routine, and I hope the more regular timings will mean you can make the sessions on a regular basis

Morning Zest Yoga combines elements of my current Yoga HiiT Fusion classes with dynamic flow and strength movement

Buy 5 Morning Zest Yoga classes for just £20

You can also use your current pass to book these sessions

If you have any questions about any of these changes please get in touch

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